My First Boxy Charm! August 2017

It has finally arrived! My first Boxy Charm box!

I have tried out other beauty monthly subscriptions in the past such as Ipsy and Birchbox, each only $10/month. Don’t get me wrong those were exciting to get in the mail too, but not as much as Boxy Charm! You get mostly full sized products, and you only pay $21/month. Most of the time the total of the products in the box equals over $100. You definitely get your moneys worth!

Let’s take a look at what I got inside for this month!


So right off the bat I am drawn to the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume 2 palette. This is a full sized palette with a retail price of $36. Tarte is probably my favorite makeup brand. So this is awesome to me!

The packaging is beautiful and classy, as most Tarte products are. It has 8 beautiful “buttery to the touch” shades. All very natural with 4 shimmers and 4 matte. This honestly would be a great palette for everyday use as you can get many different looks from it. I know I will be!



The next product I am drawn to is the Moda Pro 3 piece brush set. This set is full sized with a retail price of $26. These brushes are synthetic but super soft to the touch. I also love the textured matte feel of the wands. The trio comes with a pointed blush brush, a chisel brush and a crease brush. All fantastic brushes to help you achieve a flawless look! I am seriously loving this box so far!


Next I see some gorgeous false eyelashes. These are by the brand PUR, and they are the Pro Eyelashes. They are “3D Cruelty-Free Luxe Lashes, use up to 30 times.” Really 30 times?!?!? I may have to test that out! I don’t usually use false eyelashes because I already have decently long lashes, but hey why the heck not! They are so soft! These lashes are obviously full size with a retail price of $14.


Onto the next product I see is a lip and cheek tint by Aloette. This product is full size with a retail price of $35, wowwwwza! The color is called “Blooming Berry”. This tint blends beautifully and looks very natural for everyday use. It has a slight fruity smell which I enjoy. It’s a lovely rosey pink with no shimmers or glitters. I don’t usually go for tints or cream-based blushes, but this is something new and exciting to experiment with.


Last but not least the last product in the box is a Adesse gel nail polish. The shade is called “Suzannemi” and its a gorgeous summery red color. I love Adesse nail polishes. I have gotten a couple in past Ipsy bags. They last a long time and are 12 free. I will definitely be painting my toe nails with this soon! This nail polish is full sized with a retail price of $18.


So that is everything in this months Boxy Charm. This was my very first box and I am pretty darn impressed. I know I will get a lot of good use from these products. The grand total for everything in this box comes to $129…and I only spent $21. That’s amazing! I am very happy so far with Boxy Charm!

Thank you for reading and until next time for another Boxy Charm unboxing!

-Tori Mae

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