ColourPop Crystal Setting Sprays

About 3 weeks ago I purchased all 4 of ColourPops Crystal setting sprays ($6 each) and I have been testing them out, here is what I think-

Packaging- So pretty! I love the clear glass bottles so you can see the color of the product and how much is left inside. The label is beautiful and holographic – same with the box.

Spray- The spray on these bottles is not my favorite. I like a very fine mist that sprays evenly, which these sprays aren’t as nice. They spray larger droplets which can effect how the makeup sets. I would suggest spraying from a distance then fanning your face dry.

Scents- The scents are pleasant and light. Some smell citrus-fruity (pink grapefruit), and some smell like cucumbers. Overall very refreshing to me.

Formula- I love the crystal infused idea. These sprays are ok to prime and set with, BUT if you plan for a long fun night out or long work shift sweating…I personally would go with a different setting spray. Something like the Urban Decay All Nighter or even my new personal fave, the Milani Make It Last setting spray. I don’t think these crystal setting sprays are meant for a long day. They do set the makeup beautifully though.


The Aquamarine (blue)- Crystal meaning cool, calm & collected, dewy finish, pink grapefruit scent.

The Rose Quarts (pink)- Crystal meaning love, dewy finish, pink grapefruit scent.

The Aventurine (green)- Crystal meaning luck and good vibes, mattifying finish, cucumber scent.

The Amethyst (purple) – Crystal meaning clarity and peace, mattifying finish, cucumber scent.

Overall there are both some pros and cons with these setting sprays. Again it is all about personal preference. Have you tried these out yet or want to? Let me know down below.

Thank you for reading and until next time!

-Tori Mae


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