The Happy Holidays Tag

Happy December 1st! It’s officially time to deck the halls and put the twinkle lights up, because Christmas time is here! It is my most favorite time of the year too! I just love everything about Christmas so to start the festive month off I have decided to do a little *Holiday Tag* just for fun. I hope you enjoy, and I tag anyone else who reads this and loves the Holidays! 

I have chosen these set of questions. I don’t have a YouTube Channel, but I figured why not anyways!? I really enjoy these questions and all credit to for providing the questions.

1. What makes the Holidays special for you?  Simply spending time with my friends and family that I don’t always get to see, because life gets busy. It’s nice to share the festivities with them. 
2. Favorite holiday song?  Last Christmas by Wham! It always gets stuck in my head this time of year. Listen here! —
3. Favorite holiday makeup trend. That’s easy! A bold red lip of course. 
4. Where do you usually spend your holiday? I usually spend my holiday at my moms house. My family from out of town goes there a couple of days before Christmas for a festive dinner and gifts and then they leave Christmas Eve to visit more of their family. Then on Christmas Day my brothers, sister and her family and I go back to my moms for our little family Christmas day celebrations. 
5. Must have winter essentials. My plaid red jacket, boots, leggings (Mostly my Christmas Lula Roe leggings), Christmas sweater and peppermint mocha’s.

6. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season? Probably Christmas in Paris. I can’t imagine how pretty that would be! 
7. Colorful lights or white lights? Both! I usually go with white lights for inside my home, and then I use colorful for the outside.
8. Do you celebrate Christmas? Yes indeed! 
9. Share a family holiday tradition. Christmas dinner a couple of days before Christmas eve/day. 
10. Most memorable Holiday moment? It was December 5, 2014 when I moved into my first apartment. Just me and my little ferret Hubert. I got to decorate the apartment however I wanted. So I put up my 3 ft tree and strung twinkle lights out on my patio. It was a special moment for me, because where I lived before that wasn’t very good. 

11. Your favorite holiday decorations. The Christmas tree of course! 
12. Have you ever been caught under a mistletoe? A couple of times 😉
13. Hands down, what’s your all-time favorite holiday food and holiday sweet treat? For food it would have to be smoked honey ham, and for treat it is peppermint bark. 

Now I’m adding these few questions because I like them and felt like it! 

14. What’s your favorite holiday movie to watch every year? Honestly it’s hard to narrow it down every year. I’d have to say Home Alone, Home Alone Lost in New York, and the Santa Clause. 

15. What’s your favorite holiday drink? I have 3! Peppermint Mocha, Champagne with a little cranberry juice (try it), and rum with vanilla coke. For some reason I crave Coca Cola around this time of the year. I think it’s because growing up we always had cola stocked up and because of the Coca Cola polar bear ads. 

16 Do you get snow during this time of the year where you live? Yes, I live in Washington, and we get snow from November – March usually. It doesn’t always stick though.

17. If you have a pet do you dress them up in Christmas outfits? (If yes pic please!). I have a ferret named Hubert and I definitely tried to dress him up! I succeeded one year while he was in his dead sleep haha! 


That’s all for this Holiday Tag. Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays! ❤ 

-Tori Mae


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