BoxyCharm – May 2018

It’s BoxyCharms birthday month! Happy Birthday BoxyCharm! Here is what I got in my May box and a review of what I think about the products inside.

Beauty Creations Matte Liquid Lip Gloss – $10.00


First of all…it’s a gorgeous pink shade called “Kiss Me”.  It smells like strawberry candy, which I LOVE. It goes on nicely, but then starts to get tacky at first, but then as it dries down more the tacky goes away. It’s one of those liquid lipsticks that takes 5+ mins to fully dry down. It’s transfer proof and it’s long lasting. So far I really like this product, and it’s in a shade that I would actually wear a lot.

Pretty Vulgar Ink Gel Eyeliner – $24.00


The packaging of this liner is super cool. It’s like a ink pot and the only thing missing is a quill looking eyeliner brush! It’s a super black liner and applies very smooth and easy. It dries down quickly and claims to be water proof. It also has Vitamin C to condition the eyelids. I love it and I’ll definitely be using this liner!

CoverFX Blurring Primer – $38.00


How cool is it that we continue to get CoverFX products in boxes! I mean this brand is pretty expensive…to me anyways. This primer is silicone based to help blur appearance of pores, and smooth out the skin and any imperfections. I do like this product and it works well for what it’s for. Will I be using it all of the time? No, because I usually go for more hydrating primers or ones that would help my makeup last a really long time. But it’s still an awesome product!

Aesthetica P12 Face Brush – $27.00


I love this brush. It’s synthetic, but it’s extremely soft and very easy to use. It applied my bronzer and blush with no issues. I really like this! I ALWAYS love getting more brushes to add to my collection.

Aesthetica 3 Piece Eye Trio – $45.00


More brushes yay! This trio comes with an angled liner, a brow spoolie, and a fine tipped liner brush. Funny I have been wanting to buy a brow spoolie brush for a while now, because I always overuse and throw away the ones that come on my brow pencils. I wanted one that I can just wash and reuse. So the universe brought me one! This trio will be well used.

PUR Sculptor Palette – $30.00


I love this palette! All of the shades are buttery soft and easy to blend. The bronzer, called Inventor, isn’t too dark for me to use and it’s very cool toned so I use it as more of a contour shade. The darker color, called Founder, I could use as a brow filler or even an eyeshadow. It’s too dark for me to contour with that’s for sure. The two highlighters, called Originator and Trailblazer, are amazing! I love PUR highlighters. They are so metallic, wet looking and buttery feeling. This is definitely one of my most favorite products I have ever gotten from BoxyCharm!

So that is everything that I got in my May BoxyCharm. The total cost of the products comes to $174.00 and the box only costs $21. Amazing deal for amazing products! Let me know in the comments if you like or dislike any of these products and why! I’d love to hear from ya!

Thank you so much for reading and until next time!


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