BoxyCharm – August 2018

Two BoxyCharm blog posts in a row! I’m on a role! 😉 Here is what I got in my August BoxyCharm!

House of Lashes – $9.00-$12.00


I know this is a very popular cheaper brand of lashes. The ones I got are called Heartbreaker, and they seem very full and fun to wear. I don’t wear false lashes often at all. Maybe for Halloween these will be fun though. I do like the look and feel of them.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks – $13.00


Another Wander Beauty product to try! I was very happy to receive this. I did try one of the eye masks and I do enjoy them. My under eyes felt very hydrated, which I love. I didn’t notice my dark circles reduced, but I’m sure that’s something I would see over time of continuous use of these.

Adesse Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil – $18.00


So far I have liked other nail polishes I got from Adesse in the past. I didn’t own a cuticle oil before this so that’s awesome I finally have one. The scent is very nice and sweet smelling. I used it and I didn’t really notice a difference, but that’s again probably something ill notice in time. You do have to remember to wash this off before doing other things though. The oil doesn’t seem to sink in that well or fast. Maybe I used too much though.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick – $21.00


I love Smashbox and I love this lipstick. The color I got is called Top Shelf and it is a creamy warm pinky rose shade. It’s perfect for everyday. This lipstick doesn’t have a lot of lasting power, but it’s moisturizing. If you use with a lip liner it’ll last longer. I’m just excited to receive something from Smashbox. This is a brand I have loved since I was twelve years old when my mom used to buy this brand often from Sephora.

Bang Beauty Chocolate Eyeliner – $22.00


This product can be used as an eyeliner, eyeshadow base and for brows. It is very waxy and patchy. When I tried to use it as an eyeliner it was tugging on my eyelid too much. I could see this being ok as an eyeshadow base because it feels sticky/waxy, but for me I just use it now for my brows and it works very well. It seems to last all day also.

Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette – $19.00


This little palette is bright! I’m not normally into these wearing these colors often. I mean I love the colors and they feel and look pigmented, but I probably wont use this for anything other then Halloween time. Like the bright Orange shade is calling my name. These shadows are soft and seem to blend well. The only trouble I had was the yellow and purple shades are a little chalky when trying to  blend. They aren’t as pigmented as I would personally like…but I know those are hard colors to perfect.

That is all for this months BoxyCharm. It wasn’t one of my faovrite boxes. I wasn’t as excited for some of the products as I have been with past boxes. But hey you can’t love them all. I will still get use out of the products for sure.

Thank you for reading and until next time!


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