Chill GRWM ft. My Ferret Baby

I decided to film a “Get Ready With Me” video today. Sorry I have been MIA for the last few weeks. I am just going through it lately, and I definitely talk about it briefly in the video. My ferret, Baby, does make a cameo. Also don’t mind my goofy behavior…I had way too much coffee today. Hope you still enjoy, and thank you so much for watching! 🙂

My Ferret Picked My Makeup! 🐾

Please bare with me…I am still getting the hang of YouTube, filming and editing. It’s not perfect, and I definitely feel a bit self conscious to be honest. BUT I am trying to teach myself daily of what real beauty is. And that it’s not about how you look, but who you are as a person, and the impact you have on others and in this world. Thank you for taking the time to watch this…I hope it makes you smile 😊